Kodjin Terminology Service will help if you need to:

Deal with complicated extreme, custom, proprietary terminologies
Integrate any type of terminology quickly without a new project launch
Process different code systems and have multitype integrations with other systems
Save time and money with a fast and flexible terminology management system
Avoid sharing proprietary terminologies with third-party vendors


The Kodjin Terminology Service could be used as part of the Kodjin FHIR Server or as a standalone terminology solution.

Supported Terminology Service Operations

Code System

  • $lookup – given a code, get additional details about the concept, including definition, status, designations, and properties
  • $validate-code – validate that a coded value is in the code system

Value Set

  • $expand – get the codes from the Value Set using the filters. This is used to either get all the concepts that belong to a specific Value Set (no filter) or filter the Value Set codes by some criteria (i.e., get all codes containing a “A20” string).
  • $validate-code – validate that a coded value is in the set of codes allowed by a value set

Concept Map

  • $translate – translate a code from one value set to another

Full terminology management 
through a REST API

for standard and custom terminologies (including ICD-10, SNOMED, RxNorm, LOINC, etc.).

We are ready to provide a demo of the Kodjin Terminology Server and show you more cases, share our experience, or give a consultation about FHIR.

Works differently compared to typical market solutions

Based on FHIR principles

While most healthcare companies are forced to build a custom facade for each large custom terminology, our Terminology Service already contains terminologies added into the code system and valueset as standard FHIR objects, which gives users a qualitatively different way of handling terminology management. There’s no need to translate into FHIR or back.
We provide full FHIR implementation.

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    Is it possible to only use the Kodjin Terminology Service without professional services?

    Sure, Kodjin Terminology Service is a separate product that you can deploy with or without the services of our team to improve the speed and cost of the development through the use of ready-made and well-tested solutions, such as data storage and validation, and database connection, etc.

    What cloud service providers do you support?

    We support all major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

    Is the Kodjin Terminology Service a managed service solution?

    We support all cooperation models, depending on the needs of your project. We can deploy and maintain the FHIR Terminology Service on our own – or you can use your cloud provider or on-premises physical server.

    Our story

    While our team was working on the complete digitization of the Ukrainian healthcare system, we were faced with the problem that most solutions handle each case of terminology as a separate unique project, which leads to extra costs in development and time-related efforts. The data volume and structure of different terminologies are also a barrier for fast and quick integration. It’s not an obvious task to find out how to maintain standard and custom terminologies; sometimes it can be a real challenge.

    We asked ourselves whether we could solve this inconvenience and manage any type of terminology in a standardized way, no matter the size or structure of the new custom terminology or if it is proprietary or not.

    So, we found out how to unify terminology processing and how to organize any type of terminology into FHIR-like standard logic code systems.

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