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National Clinical Data Repository

The National Clinical Data Repository (NCDR) is a part of the E-Health project aimed at digitizing the healthcare system of Ukraine. The NCDR contains all primary health records in digital form, allowing doctors to access them. 


Previously, all health records in Ukraine were stored in paper form. It created enormous problems for the national healthcare system:

  • Medical information about the patient was unavailable at the time of treatment.
  • Paper document circulation was maintained at a significant cost. Various departments of healthcare organizations manually compiled the reports.
  • Statistical information was outdated and essentially useless. The statistics in the reports were of poor quality. As a result, there was no statistical data to provide a comprehensive and transparent picture of the Ukrainian citizens’ health and to ensure data-driven decision-making.



The Edenlab team had to make the process of creating, collecting, and storing primary health records paperless. There was a need to digitize medical data and eliminate inefficient, outdated paperwork. Medical (clinical) data refers to health-related information associated with regular patient care or as part of a clinical trial program. 

There are many categories of such data, for example: electronic health records that contain patients’ conditions, various observations, allergies, intolerances, and immunizations, administrative data, patient/disease registries, health surveys, clinical trial data, etc.

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