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National E-Health system

The E-Health system is one of the world’s largest HL7 FHIR projects in production, with over 32 million users.

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FHIR-based claims auto-adjudication engine

An auto-adjudication engine was built for one of the largest TPAs in Hong Kong to automate claims processing for all the major health insurance companies in Hong Kong.

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auto-adjudication engine
Medtech; E-Health

Unified Registry of Healthcare Professionals (E-Health)

The Unified State Registry of medical institutions is a database for storing and updating data about all the medical facilities in Ukraine.

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National Clinical Data Repository

The National Clinical Data Repository (NCDR) is a part of the E-Health project aimed at digitizing the healthcare system of Ukraine.

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FHIR Facade

One of the largest TPAs (Third-Party Administrators) ​​in Hong Kong, Heals.Asia, needed to cooperate with a large healthcare provider that used the FHIR standard.

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Ukrainian Master Patient Index

Our team developed a national-level master patient index (MPI), so each patient’s data is now connected to a unique digital profile.

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E-Prescribing Software (E-Health)

Full-fledged e-prescribing national system, built from scratch for the Ukrainian government. At present, around one million e-prescriptions are created each month.

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Turbota. Personal Healthcare App

This app allows patients to store and use their or their loved ones’ medical data in one Health Wallet.

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One of the largest TPA in Hong Kong challenged the Edenlab team to switch to a modern FHIR architecture.

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