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HL7 FHIR Software Development Services

Get custom solutions for high-load healthcare projects. Use our enterprise-level tools for healthcare data management.
Deal with professionals at FHIR software development and integration services.

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What our FHIR experts do

Our primary focus is medical data interoperability based on the HL7 FHIR standard. From prototyping to medical software development and deployment, we offer a complete range of product engineering and FHIR services with a deep understanding of the domain.

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Backend development for high-load projects

We develope software for high-load healthcare projects, which lets us create scalable apps with a deep understanding of the healthcare market and its demands.

FHIR-first development of medical applications

If you need to create a new app that will correspond to the FHIR standard, we'll take over all stages, from research and prototyping to the development and design.

FHIR Facade Development

If you have a developed system and need to make it correspond to the FHIR requirements, we'll help you become FHIR-compliant and cost- and time-efficient.

We help companies build FHIR-based IT solutions to improve their interoperability.
Our HL7 FHIR services also include:

SMART on FHIR web and mobile apps

Cross-platform mobile solutions for doctors and patients, mobilize enterprise solutions.

Custom FHIR profiling

Custom profiling mechanisms which create and configure profiles, create documents, and terminologies.

Client-oriented FHIR compliancy

We can analyse your current state and create detailed roadmap how to implement FHIR with full implementation consulting.

Mapping your data to FHIR

We organize data conversion to FHIR standard for existing solutions, without a risk of data loss or breakage.

Our Products

With a deep knowledge in the domain, while working on complex high-load projects we have created our own FHIR software solutions that help our clients save time, money and effort and unlock FHIR potential.

Kodjin FHIR Server

The Kodjin FHIR server was created by our team, from scratch, for high-load systems with the goal of getting the maximum out of FHIR specification and providing users with the low-code approach

Kodjin Terminology Service

This is an engine which lets you upload any terminology data array and set the matching rules you need.

Why choose us

If you're looking for a team that's proficient in FHIR compliance and product development and will not only follow your requirements but also advise you on the best solutions, please leave your inquiry for a free consultation

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Tight focus on healthcare data interoperability

Healthcare is our primary domain, giving us an unparalleled understanding of the volatile healthcare landscape and interoperability challenges

Proven expertise in FHIR development

Dedicated FHIR architects, business analysts, and developers with expertise in FHIR standards

Expertise in high-load projects

We create scalable architectures ready for highload right away or when your system grows.

Proven track of record

We designed, developed and are running in production the national system with more than 36,5 mln users

Own products

Kodjin FHIR server and Terminology Service.

Edenlab offers a deep understanding of the healthcare domain, excellent communication, and top talent. Their technical expertise and ability to come up with out-of-the-box solutions allow them to deliver on even the most challenging projects in the shortest time possible without sacrificing product quality. I was thoroughly impressed with how invested Edenlab’s team is in the success of their project.

Iryna Roy, Chair, Education Advisory Counsil, @HL7; Management Consulting Manager

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Our Approach

Here's what makes our Edenlab FHIR software development company distinctive from other teams:

Thorough business analysis

We pay particular attention to analyzing your business and its needs to implementing FHIR which helps us bring better results: clearer task-setting, better compatibility and integrity, higher usability, less usability and compatibility issues during the development process.

Full and accurate documentation

Another thing we don't scrimp is documentation. Together with the software, you'll receive well-established documentation that will make your project more controllable, easy-to-improve and outsource, if necessary.

Weighted application of the FHIR standard

We always offer a solution that will be the best fit — from full to partial FHIR implementation, depending on your real needs. It's what we call "we use technology for business, but not vice versa".

Experience at real-world problems

Our FHIR engineers have a deep experience in FHIR development and compliance. That means we know how to solve many problems and avoid issues that may not be obvious from the outside

Optimal use of resources

We're getting the most out of resources we use and are always trying to optimize the process in the interests of a client. Even huge high-load systems we created were developed on time with small to medium, but highly-experienced FHIR engineers.

Engagement and responsibility

We don't just do what we're told to do, but treat clients' projects like our own and take an active part in the improvement of a business. You give us your goals and problems — we find the most effective ways to achieve results.

All of the above lets us work on different scales and provide the best quality HL7 FHIR services for healthcare companies.

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Our Case Studies

Check all cases

National E-Health system

The E-Health system is one of the world’s largest HL7 FHIR projects in production, with over 36,5 million users.

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auto-adjudication engine

FHIR-based claims auto-adjudication engine

An auto-adjudication engine was built for one of the largest TPAs in Hong Kong to automate claims processing for all the major health insurance companies in Hong Kong.

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Provides Registry case img
Medtech; E-Health

Unified Registry of Healthcare Professionals (E-Health)

The Unified State Registry of medical institutions is a database for storing and updating data about all the medical facilities in Ukraine.

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    Are you a product or software development company?

    We are a custom software development company. Also, we have our own technical solutions, such as the Kodjun FHIR server, that help us reduce costs and shorten time-to-market for our clients.

    How much do your services cost?

    We apply the principles of the Time & Material (T&M) model which means charging for  development time and resources as a blended rate. Usually, we form a dedicated team for each project, including both exclusive and shared resources.

    Is it possible to only use the Kodjin FHIR server without professional services?

    Sure, Kodjin FHIR server is a separate product that you can deploy with or without the services of our team to improve the speed and cost of the development through the use of ready-made and well-tested solutions, such as data storage and validation, and database connection, etc.

    What cloud service providers do you support?

    We support all major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

    Is the Kodjin FHIR server a managed service solution?

    We support all cooperation models, depending on the needs of your project. We can deploy and maintain the FHIR server on our own—or you can use your cloud provider or on-premises physical server.

    Can I install Kodjin on-premises?


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    With strong faith in justice, the military forces of Ukraine, and international support,

    The Edenlab Team

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