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FHIR-based data management

  • Clinical Data Repository
  • Master Patient Index
  • Provider Directory
  • Medicine and/or Drug register
  • ETL engine (Extract, Transform, and Load)
  • FHIR Facade Development (FHIR API)
  • Healthcare Information Exchange
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Healthcare key operations management

  • Electronic prescription
  • Electronic referral system
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Appointments and scheduling
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Payer operations management

  • Billing and claims processing assistance
  • Claims auto-adjudication software
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Mobile Health

Our expertise in Smart on FHIR for mobile application development allows us to build healthcare applications that can run across any healthcare system in a secure manner, without having to write custom, non-standard applications.

Our experience includes Patient Health Records (PHR), which is essential for most types of modern healthcare applications.

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FHIR Specific Services and Consultancy

As FHIR is our main field of specialization, we may help you with all these and other types of FHIR-specific tasks and help you save time, money and effort by knowing exactly what to do in most of the cases.

  • Custom FHIR profiling
  • Client-oriented FHIR compliancy
  • Mapping your data to FHIR

How We Work

Here, you’ll find the typical workflow for our projects. The steps may differ from one project to another because we're always trying to be flexible to help you get the most out of our cooperation, but the general workflow looks like this.

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