National eHealth system

The eHealth system is one of the world’s largest HL7 FHIR projects in production. It ensures availability of high-quality and verified data about all entities that participate in providing medical services via a REST API.
Since healthcare entities operate with critical information, the eHealth system was created with data integrity and security in mind, provided by electronic digital signatures and blockchain-like algorithms. The system also incorporates all possible mechanisms to protect against data leaks.


Create a platform that should serve as one of the first steps into complete digitization of the Ukrainian healthcare system. This platform should provide national access to high-quality verified health care data to all entities involved in medical services, from patients to healthcare providers.


  • Most Ukrainian healthcare entities use an outdated Soviet-like model of handling data designed back in the 1960s.
  • Along with the model, clinical registries are also outdated and stored as a paperback archive.
  • The national infrastructure lacks a population registry, good ICT, as well as an effective financial model to fund digitization.
  • Computer literacy among GPs is also lacking.
  • Only around 7% of healthcare facilities have EHR solutions and all of them are private.

The process

  • Development of Central Component/Open API
  • Connection of all Medical Information Systems (MIS)
  • Support of the PHC (Primary Healthcare)
  • E-prescriptions program
  • Secondary healthcare
  • Support inpatient/tertiary healthcare
  • Fully anonymous monitoring
  • Patient’s cabinet
  • Care plan
  • Sensitive patient’s data (AIDS etc.)

Technology stack

  • Elixir logo
  • React logo
  • PostgreSQL logo
  • MongoDB logo
  • Kibana logo
  • Ceph logo
  • Kafka logo
  • Docker logo
  • Kubernetes logo
  • Jenkins logo
  • Redis logo
  • Elastic logo



million of registered users

2 000+


5 000+



RPS current system load

25 000 000

digital prescriptions issued


local EHRs integrated

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