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Ukrainian Master Patient Index

An MPI in general is a registry of patients that serves as the main source of truth for all systems that work with patient information.

The National Master Patient Index (MPI) is a component of the national E-Health system — a platform for the digitalization of the Ukrainian healthcare system.

Our team developed a national-level master patient index (MPI), so each patient’s data is now connected to a unique digital profile. This allows for managing and analyzing the health status of Ukrainians, and for implementing different governmental programs for support and compensation.


Ukraine didn’t have any registries that could play the role of primary identification. 


Here’s why:

  • – There’s a State Register of Civil Status Acts in which government officials record instances of birth, marriage, divorce, death, and so on. But the identification is assigned to acts, not people.
  • – According to Ukrainian law, any citizen can refuse to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number due to religious beliefs. Those who don’t refuse will obtain one at the age of 16 or older from the State Tax Office, which is a separate facility.
  • – Passport IDs (cards) are issued to citizens at the age of 14, and many people still have the paper version obtained at 16 — also from yet another government facility.


That is at least three official offices that have their own unique registries, and none are suitable for use as the primary database of data about citizens.


At the same time, if medical forms are stored in paper format, there’s always a risk of errors and duplicate data — hence the need for MPI development, the main source of truth about patients that minimizes such risks.

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