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Cloud Torque Global and Edenlab Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance FHIR Services on the Kodjin Platform in the Oceania Region


Stanislav Ostrovskiy

Partner, Business Development at Edenlab

Strategic Partnership to Advance FHIR Services

[Auckland, 12/02/2024] – In an exciting development for the healthcare technology sector, Cloud Torque Global, a leader in cloud-based solutions and health technology and consulting, and Edenlab, a trailblazer in healthcare innovation, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration will revolutionize the delivery of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) services, supported by the combined resources of both organizations and utilizing the robust capabilities of the Kodjin platform and Cloud Torque managed platforms to deliver in-country Saas capabilities to accelerate interoperability in the region.

This strategic alliance aims to harness the potential of FHIR standards to enhance healthcare data interoperability, enabling healthcare providers to deliver more effective, efficient, and personalized patient care. Through the Kodjin platform, this partnership will offer scalable, secure, and compliant FHIR services that meet the growing demands of the healthcare sector.

About the Partnership:

This collaboration combines Cloud Torque Global’s excellence in cloud infrastructure, health architecture, consulting, and managed services with Edenlabs’ deep expertise to provide advanced FHIR services across the markets we operate in, bringing a local capability and footprint and, more importantly, extensive FHIR resources to aid and assist the deployment of FHIR services for healthcare organizations as well as health care vendors operating in Oceania. By leveraging the Kodjin platform, the partnership aims to facilitate seamless data exchange across healthcare systems, improve clinical decision-making, and accelerate the development of new healthcare solutions.

Key Features of FHIR Services on Cloud Torque Kodjin Platforms:

Enhanced Interoperability: The partnership is committed to delivering FHIR services that enable healthcare systems to communicate and exchange data more efficiently, improving care coordination and patient outcomes.

Scalability and Security: FHIR services delivered through the Cloud Torque Global and Edenlab partnership are designed to be scalable and capable of managing the expanding data volume and interoperability demands at the national system level while prioritizing security measures to safeguard sensitive health information.

Compliance and Customization: With a focus on meeting regulatory compliance standards, the services are designed to be customizable to the specific needs of local healthcare providers, ensuring they can maximize the benefits of FHIR.

Expertise: The partnership aims to address the lack of skilled FHIR resources across the sectors we operate in, bring together a comprehensive team of analysts, project personnel, and FHIR resources, including developers and architects, to enable the rapid deployment of large-scale FHIR projects and programs, helping accelerate the transition to the broader adoption of FHIR across the sector.

Leadership Statements:

Chetan Lad, CEO of Cloud Torque Global, expressed, “Our partnership with Edenlab marks a significant step forward in our commitment to advancing healthcare resourcing, technology, and interoperability. By combining our resources with the capabilities of the Kodjin platform and the depth of expertise available from the Edenlab team, we are poised to deliver FHIR services that will transform healthcare data interoperability and ultimately enhance patient care.”

Stanislav Ostrovskiy, Head of Business Development at Edenlab, commented, “Collaborating with Cloud Torque Global represents a unique opportunity to leverage our collective expertise in healthcare technology. This partnership will enable us to accelerate the adoption of FHIR standards, driving innovation and improving outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem.”

About Cloud Torque Global:

Cloud Torque is a specialist service provider of business and information technology outcomes for corporate, government, and enterprise organizations, with a focus on the health vertical. Cloud Torque has achieved significant recognition as a leader in technology leadership and outcomes-based delivery with innovative partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology vendors. Cloud Torque engages with clients to plan, architect, design, and deliver transformational information technology outcomes. Our clients value our partnership approach to strategic visioning and the sharing of expertise, developing capability, innovation, and delivery of successful business outcomes for organizations seeking direction, actions, and results.

About Edenlab:

Edenlab is a pioneering force in healthcare technology, dedicated to developing custom solutions that improve patient care and healthcare efficiency. With a strong foundation in research and development, Edenlab is committed to leveraging technology to address the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry today.

Established in 2014, Edenlab specializes in healthcare interoperability using the FHIR HL7 standard.

The team at Edenlab provides the necessary capabilities to ensure the smooth end-to-end implementation of large-scale healthcare projects. One of Edenlab’s strengths is its deep pool of highly skilled engineers and relevant FHIR expertise.

Edenlab offers a diverse range of FHIR-related services for successful program outcomes, which, in addition to tailored development, covers FHIR profiling, data mapping, and consulting.

Notably, Edenlab has successfully developed national-level healthcare platforms, showcasing its expertise in creating comprehensive solutions for the healthcare industry.

Edenlab’s flagship Kodjin Interoperability Suite consolidates its extensive FHIR-based solutions, including the FHIR Server, FHIR Facade, Terminology Service, and Data Mapper.

Kodjin is designed to significantly enhance healthcare interoperability, showcasing Edenlab’s dedication to advancing the field through innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Written by


Stanislav Ostrovskiy

Partner, Business Development at Edenlab

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