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Unified Registry of Healthcare Professionals (E-Health)

The Unified State Registry of medical institutions is a database for storing and updating data about all the medical facilities in Ukraine. It also contains current information about all medical personnel who work in these facilities.


The registry of healthcare professionals serves two purposes:

  • It acts as a national source of truth for healthcare professional information like names, specialties, qualifications, etc. 
  • It acts as a master users list for the national E-Health system, i.e., only healthcare professionals from this list can interact with the national E-Health system since the system is always aware of the particular user the request comes from.


The registry plays a critical role in E-Health and its development as part of its foundation.


  • There was no unified registry of healthcare professionals in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine doesn’t issue medical licenses to doctors. Licenses are given to facilities only.
  • There was no unified reporting system for doctors. All data about medical facilities and their employees were stored as individual files in respective facilities, and the Ministry of Healthcare didn’t have access to these files.
  • Acquiring any information was a complex, untransparent, and expensive process. You had to send a written request to garner any information, but there wasn’t a way to verify the resulting statistics.
  • Ukraine didn’t have any organizations that could control the process of filling the registry or any plans to create them.

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